Property Management

VDream offers an array of services through its team of property management experts dedicated to providing the best quality of service in the area of residential property management. We cater to the needs of all who have a residential property and cannot take care of them because of their absence. Our clientele includes NRIs (Non Resident Indian) and resident Indians as well.

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Taking care of your property was never so easy before.

VCARE® is our program that takes care of residential property management. It is offered in 3 different flavors to suit different individuals with different needs. You can always upgrade your membership level or add additional services on top.

* Platinum members get discounted rates on all our Property Management Solutions.
* The actual rate of these memberships will depend upon the square footage of your home. Having a fixed rate will not be fair to all. We believe in trust & transparency.
* Utility bills are considered on a per connection basis. If you have 2 electricity meters in your house, they will be considered as 2 utility bills.
* Multiple units registered under the same person are eligible for special discounts.
* Referral discounts are also given to existing members.

Tenant Management

Maintenance1With our Tenant Verification service you will know exactly who is residing in your house, how well are they going to maintain your property, what they do for a living, how credible are they in paying your rent on due date. This will ensure accountability and also as an owner you can actively engage your tenant in keeping your property in good shape.

Our relationship managers perform the various self-checks and verifications using various agencies about the tenants past. At each stage the customer is updated with the current status. With an all round verifications, you will have the feel of managing your let out property yourself, while saving you the hassles of handling your tenants.

Our Tenant Verification Services would includes:

  1. Residence and Office verification of the tenants
  2. Background check
  3. Police Verification
  4. Previous landlord check

Tenant Search is offered as an additional service.

Rental Agreement



We will draft the rental agreement as per your requirement. In the event that you cannot be present, we will provide the necessary paperwork for a limited power of attorney so that we, or a representative appointed by you, can sign on your behalf.

If you have an existing contract, we can take care of that on a case-to-case basis. To understand the terms and conditions of your lease contract (already existing), we would require a copy of the rental agreement with your tenant.

Our team would explain the legal issues and responsibilities to your tenants, including:

  1. Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in rent as per contract, advance rent, TDS deductions (if any) and any other payments
  2. Duration of lease contract
  3. Areas of property that can be used and those that is out of bound
  4. Regular maintenance of property interiors and exteriors
  5. Terms and conditions about the repairs and maintenance in the contract
  6. Any other legal clauses in the lease contract that need to be explained

Home Monitoring & Surveillance



With the state of art home monitoring and surveillance systems, we ensure you peace of mind while you are away from home. Home security systems mean that homeowners do not have to depend upon neighbors to watch over their home when they are away. Having a home alarm system installed gives you a sense of security and peace of mind, so that you can focus on other things of importance when you are out of home.

Our home security systems:

  1. Protect Your Home and Family from Intruders
  2. Provide Your Family with Peace of Mind
  3. Protect Your Valuables
  4. Having Someone Else to Monitor Your Home
  5. Allow you to keep an Eye on Your Home Remotely

Custom Maintenance Work

Customers can get in touch with us for all major maintenance work. Upon request for maintenance work, a physical visit will be made to assess the work requirement within a reasonable time. We will get in touch with you providing details of the work, any digital images required of the property and seek your approvals. Once agreed upon scope of work and cost, we will execute the task to your complete satisfaction.
External vendors / consultants will be engaged based on the complexity of the work.

Rent Collection and Deposit

Monthly rent will be collected on or before the date fixed as per the agreement and will be deposited in the bank. A scanned copy of bank deposit receipt would be made available for you. We will make reasonable efforts to make errant tenants pay up on time, but shall not be responsible for non-payment by any tenant.

Utility Bill Payments

To give you complete peace of mind, VDream will take care of all utility bill payments like Property Tax, Water, Electricity, etc as requested and as per agreement. This service is available in membership mode and a-la-carte mode. Under membership mode, we maintain the history and forthcoming payments, so that you do not have to worry about remembering the dates and late payments. Each utility bill payment has a different cost attached to it. After the receipt of the payments from you, it will be paid to the concerned department. Receipts will be maintained in your case file and can also be sent to you on request via email.

Back-to-Home® Services

Coming back to home after a long time, whether it be NRIs coming home or resident Indians coming back to home after a long vacation is always special. Thinking about home is synonymous with joy, warmth & excitement of much awaited reunion with family and friends and getting into the luxury of my-own.

But the entire Euphoria is eclipsed the moment we think about…

  1. Hassle of arranging a cab from the Airport to your home at midnight
  2. Appalling Condition of your home in absence of regular cleaning.
  3. Probable Wear & tear issues
  4. Absence of Basic Essentials
  5. Absence of Regular domestic help/ cook/ driver etc.

and the list goes on and on…

We would want you to cherish your every homecoming. Our Back-to-Home® Services would take care of:

· Airport Pick & Drop Service:

Our dedicated Concierge Team would arrange for a Chauffeur Driven Car, which would ensure smooth journey to and fro from the Airport, even at odd hours. You do not worry about the security even if a lady is travelling alone.

· Property Cleanup & Maintenance Check before your Arrival:

Our Relationship Manager would monitor the overall Property Maintenance & Cleaning work, so that, on arrival you will find your property in clean condition.

· Stocking of Essentials in your Refrigerator as per request

· Dedicated Concierge Service to Pamper & Fulfill your wish, during your stay.

· Stocking of Bath Essentials in the Washrooms.

· Availability of a dedicated driver / cook / maid during your stay, as per request.

Periodic Property Maintenance


  1. Regular cleaning of property interiors and exteriors, if vacant on a periodic basis.
  2. If occupied by tenant, we would do Tenant Exit Cleaning, so that your home is ready for the next tenant or for you in best possible shape.
  3. Digital pictures of your property
  4. Online video of your property premises can be provided on request.
  5. In case of any prevalent wear and tear of your property, mutually agreed upon necessary maintenance work can be done.
  6. Any minor/major work not mentioned in Property Maintenance contract, can be done as per mutually agreed schedule and cost. Your satisfaction and happiness is our goal.
  7. Entry Inventory Check is performed before giving your home to a tenant. It includes all possible inventories of your property and its condition. This gives a peace of mind to you and the tenant at the end of rental period.
  8. Exit Inventory Check is done to make sure that your property is protected as per the Entry Inventory list minus the wear & tear.
  9. Possible reasons for the repairs will be analyzed & if it was due to the tenant’s fault it will be informed to you and required action will taken as per your feedback and the terms of conditions of the contract.